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Dr Angelina Mirabito provides guidance in writing stories. With her you will learn how to transform experience, knowledge, emotional reality and ideas into narratives of meaning and significance.

The story writing journey can be liberating and empowering as you discover ways to weave your truth and words into a narrative that resolves conflict with meaning, transformation and insight.

Writing and storytelling are actions with the power to facilitate personal insight, growth and change. Both processes involve challenges and obstructions that are hard and sometimes impossible to overcome alone.

It’s easy to get frustrated, lose motivation, perspective and confidence in the value of the project and one’s capacity. Consequently, many projects are abandoned.


Your Story Doctor is a service that provides personalised guidance throughout the stages of story writing to ensure that your story is not one of those left unfinished or never expressed. Mentoring is given where needed in areas such as:

  • developing a lucid sense of the story’s world, logic and structure;
  • clarity on story essence, intention and arc;
  • theme, tone and mood;
  • character psychology, arc and depth;
  • polarized supporting cast;
  • setting;
  • how the passing of time will feature and to what end;
  • workshop writing;
  • writing exercises;
  • perspective on how each scene or chapter is working in relation to the story as a whole;
  • learning and development of writing and story skills;
  • emotional expression, containment and navigation throughout the story;
  • accountability;
  • nurturing confidence,
  • and overcoming writer’s block.

Assistance is available through to completion by booking one-on-one sessions as needed to maintain productivity.


Dr Angelina Mirabito’s goal is to empower those she works with through story writing. It’s her hope that the experience of occupying the authorial role in storytelling has an empowering effect in daily life by further enhancing the ability to:

  • creatively problem solve;
  • effectively communicate;
  • take on projects knowing they have the capacity to complete;
  • consider others points of view;
  • identify ways to articulate personal truth;
  • manage effective borders and boundaries;
  • create a step by step structure and outline to know what needs to be done and how to best approach achieving a desired outcome,
  • and conscious decision making.
Make the time for your story to be known in your own words and book a session with Dr Angelina Mirabito. She has experienced, studied and now assists others in the transforming journey of completing an authentic tale or non-fiction narrative.


One-on-one sessions are available in person or via Skype to assist projects to completion. Upon request, guidance can be given for the emotional as well as the practical struggles encountered throughout the creative process. By working with story, assistance can be given to effectively navigate challenging emotional terrain as all story is metaphor for an emotional journey or processing.

Strategies for overcoming practical story problems include:

  • develop and introduce particular writing techniques appropriate to the story being told;
  • relevant writing and visualisation exercises;
  • storyboarding, outline and clarifying story design;
  • character arc;
  • image system;
  • clarifying whether the story focus is consistent with what’s included;
  • genre;
  • voice work;
  • ability to consider the same scene from multiple points of view;
  • manage balance between show and tell;
  • self-expression,
  • and use of metaphor.

The writing process is about learning, growth, connection, and visibility as well as enhancing problem solving, observation, analytical and listening skills. 7-golden-formats-for-writing-web-content-that-people-crave_1


One-on-one coaching and group workshops are held at 9 Power Street, Southbank, VIC, 3006. Detailed information and fee options are included in the SERVICES and WORKSHOPS page.



Your Story Doctor also provides writing workshops, presentations and talks to schools, organisations, communities, clinics, centres and businesses.  CONTACT Dr Angelina Mirabito for further information.



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