Every session and workshop will be facilitated by myself, Dr Angelina Mirabito. I mentor in transforming ideas, emotions and experience into authentic stories with meaning, significance and resolution.

Whether it be fiction, non-fiction, graphic novel, play, screenplay, memoir, song lyrics, poetry, personal essays, presentation, short story collection, audio recording, podcast, blog series or a children’s book… the classical principals of storytelling need to be understood in order to be creatively and effectively appropriated.


By engaging with your story’s:

  1. unifying theme;
  2. use of metaphor;
  3. emotional arc;
  4. core conflict
  5. and use of voice

a process of creative problem solving and learning how to identify the best choices to effectively express oneself, truth and vision takes place

Three Act Structure:

Our behavior, what we do and don’t do, as well as what we do and don’t say have effects that result in certain outcomes. By working out your story’s structure, the cause and effect logic of setup and payoff becomes apparent. This dynamic can be mindfully engaged with in daily life to help create the opportunities, relationships and experiences you want.

Your story world provides a constructive and safe place with a sufficient structure to contain emotional processing and metaphorically stage the satisfactory resolution needed yet commonly unavailable in life. For life never owes the coherence, order, meaningful transformation and tidy resolution that storytelling classically gives. Whether conscious of it or not, a readership or audience persists through a hero’s tale of trials and tribulations with the expectation that the ending will contain insight and restore a sense of harmony and restitution.

By authoring a story that employs the three act structure, it’s possible to create events and encounters that symbolically work through a personal core conflict, tension or wound. In this sense, story writing can be a means through which the author transforms something of the inner turmoil and hurt into creative expression that is aesthetic, constructive and ordered as well as healing and coherent.

Writing Characters:

Characters are opportunities through which to understand different points of view and begin to make accessible the challenging personalities that show up in life. Staging the rising conflict and possible reparation between characters in story increases insight and therefore an awareness of possible ways to better manage difficult encounters in daily life.

By understanding how the subtext in dialogue works as well as opposing world views, values, lifestyle choices and ways of being and relating to others it may become evident that different isn’t bad or wrong but incompatible, misunderstood, unappreciated or disrespected. However, sometimes particular personalities can be toxic and the only self-loving option is to let go temporarily or permanently.

Through creating your story, self-awareness expands. Who you are, what you think, what matters to you, what’s in your way and what feels threatening inevitably surfaces. Simultaneously, there is the opportunity to recognise that you have the capacity to overcome it by activating the potential within that for whatever reason you have become disconnected to.

Therapeutic Value of Writing:

My PhD was in the therapeutic value of writing story. My expertise is in working with people who have experienced trauma as children and continue to be effected by it as adults. I work primarily with those wishing to use story to work through unresolved childhood traumas, depression, addiction, PTSD, loss, illness, sexual abuse and difficulty with familial and intimate relationships as well as friendships. I also work with those simply wanting to write an effectively told story.

Together we engage with the essence of what you want to say through story and progress at a pace that works best for you. There is the opportunity to workshop an overall structure, detailed outline, storyboard as well as much more as we set dates for achieving certain milestones towards completion. Having this plan helps to clarify, at any given time, where you are in relation to where you want to go and how you might get there.


Each session will conclude with what needs to be done before your next session. The take home task will be enough to challenge you and yet well within your ability to achieve. Step by manageable step, you will be mentored in wording your story your way.

See the SERVICES page for further information or CONTACT me to book your first session!



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